Saturday, August 6, 2011


I have a friend who, along with her husband, built a home several years ago. They designed the home themselves, which was a lengthy process, as she wanted to utilize every square inch of the home in to functional space. They went on to build a beautiful home and had a finger in each and every gorgeous detail. Doing most of the work themselves allowed them not only to save money but assured that everything was just like they wanted. As they added the final touches, it was a fabulously beautiful home in every way, and yet upon completion, she refused to move in.

I was totally baffled! How could you put your life's blood in to something, literally in many ways, all of your time, your finances, and your total focus for so long, and not go running in to the front doors the moment it was completed and MOVE IN!

When I ask her what was going on, she explained to me that she " was angry at the house "! Seeing my look of utter confusion, she explained. She had worked on this project for so long and had given it so much of herself; she was angry. It seemed to her that it had cost too much. She was exhausted, mentally and physically, and needed to step away and take time to heal. Yes, she and her husband took time to recover, then moved in to their dream home.

This story does have a point. If you give of yourself entirely to something and you are bone tired upon its completion; you will need time to heal, to rest.

So guess what? I'm ready to MOVE IN!